The second function is a self-storage or storage. This functions as the heart of a warehouse or a warehouse. Here demanded attention, the source of funds, resources and extra time to ensure good storage system. In the case of storage of goods that must be considered are the criteria or the nature of the storage itself. In addition to the requirements of a self storage warehouse, while generally also be a determining factor of a barn good quality. The type of goods to be stored and the characteristics of the goods. The main thing to consider is whether the goods to be stored are food (food) or non-food (non-food items), or both. Characteristics of goods to be considered are:

1. The volume of goods to be stored, for example, whether in the form of tonnage or publication.

2. The frequency and size or the number of shipments to be received in the warehouse.

3. The frequency and size or the number of shipments to be sent/removed from the warehouse.

4. Environment warehousing and condition of the building. It is important to ensure the goods against damage or loss of quality during storage.

5. Sensitivity temperature, whether the goods require special temperature. Are the goods to be stored, including the category of dangerous goods or not. Also the raw materials of goods including whether hazardous materials.

The number of items to be stored for extensive calculations necessary place. The size and weight of goods including packaging. What kind of packaging. Does it need a special place to install new packaging, mounting, labeling and so on? The time required to store the goods. The third addition to the above, the following are the other important things that must be considered before deciding or choosing a warehouse is paying attention or are considering legislation (legislation) applies. A warehouse manager must ensure that the warehousing operation to be performed must be in accordance with applicable local regulations, for example:

1. Regulation of labor.

2. Regulation of the health and safety of workers.

3. The rules regarding the storage of goods in the category of dangerous goods or contain hazardous materials.

4. Regulations for the storage of drugs and the like.

5. Regulation regarding the building or the like.

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