The duties and functions of a warehouse or a warehouse first are responsible for the receipt of goods or self storage. Although it sounds very simple, but this process is vital because this is where the initial entry of goods into the warehouse until the end will be used for production. When there is an error of this process would greatly affect the process – the next process. Of course with so many possibilities for one that can be generated from the process, should be made a strict management or systems that govern every step in the admissions process. There are several ways or mechanisms that can be used to prevent the occurrence of errors during the admission process. For example, by the use of a checklist, double check the implementation of recruitment and input to the system, the provision of specialized personnel such as checkers or by a barcode system can reduce the possibility of errors during the process of admission, or be more recorded again well is to use a computer application system.

The process for receiving goods must also be related to the capacity or the capacity of the warehouse. To that must be made forecasting/planning well of the ratio of production and warehouse capacity needs. Moreover, for materials for the production of pharmaceuticals or food, in addition to problems where necessary, there are other problems that are not less important is the shelf life. Goods that have a short shelf life, certainly not in the stock in the short number, it is intended that the goods do not enter the expiration date prior to the production schedule. Reception is not simply to receive goods from the transporter into its own warehouses. There must be a proactive effort that can prevent the occurrence of errors early on incoming goods so that the initial screening for assuring the quality and quantity of goods coming into the warehouse can be ascertained.