The warehouse is one important component in the logistics industry. Choose the warehouse location can not be done arbitrarily. There are few comprehensive studies conducted before determining the location of a warehouse. Criteria for selection of warehouse location is also true for those who want to build a warehouse or rent a warehouse to perform a self storage. There are criteria for selecting the location of the warehouse. among another cost that you spend and need to get attention when selecting the location of the warehouse. Is a price to be paid to get the location of the warehouse, can be from the land price or selling price/rental warehouse. The price will be related to the value of that location.

Note the wage standards for workers who apply at the location of the warehouse will you choose. In each area the existing regulation concerning minimum wage. Ensure that the wage standards are in accordance with the budget that you will want to hire workers. In some locations, the government offers tax incentives to induce investment appeal. Consider the tax structure set up at that location. Whether in addition to general tax regulations there is special tax levied to operate a warehouse. It should also be ensured on the monetary incentives in these locations. In some areas, the fees apply specifically to handle loading and unloading. You should ensure that there are additional charges to make loading and unloading at the site.

Availability of labor will meet the needs of human resources who will operate the warehouse. Also needed competent experts to manage the warehouse. Availability of access and means of transport for workers to the location of the warehouse, facilitate labor mobility. See the note regarding industrial relations (labor relations with employers) in these locations. Have there been any disputes? If ever there is a dispute between workers and employers, how the solution? Warehouse location can certainly be passed by the mode of transportation that will be used to perform the movement of goods. For example the width of the road, the power load or road grade that can be passed into account when selecting a warehouse location. Pay attention to the quality and reliability of transport infrastructure.

Warehouse locations should also be close to ports, intermodal terminals, and airports. Make sure also to the level of congestion at the site. Their telecommunication system is needed, such as telephone, internet access with speeds limited. Make sure that these communication needs are met. Make sure the storage location is already getting electricity supply in accordance with the required capacity. Also, make sure that the location of the warehouse will also get electrical energy backup if the main supply source disrupted. One consideration choosing warehouse location is close to the customer location, this will facilitate the mobilization of the needs of customers as well as reducing the time and cost spent on transportation.